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I was the heaviest I have ever been at 238 lbs. and what had been semi annual emergency trips to my chiropractor had become regular monthly visits with little real relief.

I am now 195 lbs. and haven’t seen my chiropractor in 13 months and don’t expect I will anytime soon.

The difference is Terri convinced me my problems stemmed mainly from my ever weakening “CORE” and Pilates training would be the answer. She was right!

After just a few months of training with Terri at Fit to the Core and the occasional tune up, I have been able to maintain a strong core and avoid back problems almost entirely (knock wood) and thanks to Terri.

Terry D.


Since starting Pilates with Maria I have seen a drastic overall improvement in my body and dancing. I have scoliosis and this has helped the pain tremendously.  If I go even a week without my session I notice a difference. In ballet it has exponentially increased my extensions and core strength and completely reshaped me as a dancer.

Thank you,



I have known Maria for years and have had private Pilates sessions with her for several years now. I used to have quite a bit of back pain, but since working with her the pain is much improved. 

I would recommend Maria to anyone who wants to feel better, especially if they have back pain.

She is an excellent instructor.

Nicole S.


Maria is the most qualified Pilates instructor I have ever had the pleasure to work with! Her Pilates – anatomy/physiology training and knowledge is so extensive, more so than any Pilates and physical therapist I have ever worked with.

Pilates on the Reformer and the Cadillac should be required for anyone 40 years of age and over!



Maria’s enthusiasm and commitment to Pilates instruction is second to none. I have trained withMaria for over 8 years. I started taking her Pilates Mat classes at a gym. After about a year, Maria became my personal trainer. She has an excellent knowledge of what works for each individual to get in shape and stay that way. When she started doing Pilates with the equipment, I knew it was something I wanted to do, and have been doing it once a week since then. She uses various types of equipment for a great workout and she always has something new for me to try. Now that she has joined Fit to the CORE Pilates, it is great. I get the one on one training with privacy. I absolutely adore

 Maria, and would recommend to anyone to try her Pilates – she will get you hooked – just like me. 

Patty J.


I have been training with Maria for three years now. Pilates with Maria is one of the best decisions I have ever made. My sciatica, which started when I was pregnant with my son is non existent. My back and neck pain are gone.

Training at Fit to the CORE Pilates is a peaceful and serene experience, she is a wonderful instructor. She is far superior to any other instructor I have used. 

I am 63 and am more flexible than the 40 year olds I work with.I recommend her as a 5 star (out of 5) experience. 

Carol B.


Pilates has been the best exercise I have ever done, and Fit to the CORE gives me priceless one on one training. Both Terri and Maria are professionals, caring and experienced.  I just passed my 80th birthday, and I plan to keep “Fit to the core” the rest of my life, until I reach 100 (or more)… 

Marilyn G.


In  February 2007, my husband found himself in constant back pain no longer able to play golf or tennis two of his favorite pastimes. For a man who loved his sports, this was frustrating, depressing, and downright unfair. Needless to say he was not a happy camper. A friend of ours had similar back issues that put her in bed for close to four months. It was only after she began one on one private Pilates training that she began to have her life back again. After hearing again and again that Pilates may be able to help him, he became desperate enough and began private training two to three times a week at Fit to the Core with Terri Groth. Terri had a keen understanding of the human body as well as lots of experience under a Pilates instructor that was also a physical therapist. He began to improve weekly within months he was back to playing tennis twice a week and occasionally playing golf also. Needless to say he was a believer and a convert to Pilates sharing everywhere he went the virtues of an exercise that gave him his life back. Maria pushed him harder than ever and strengthened him and stretched him in ways that gave him back his flexibility and ability to play the games he so loved. He never missed his twice weekly sessions of Pilates which allowed him to continue to play tennis twice a week. Pilates made it possible for him to do the activities that he so loved.

Within months of watching my husband’s improvement, I decided to see if I might get positive results myself. At that time, I was having chronic issues with my neck and back. I constantly visited the chiropractor. I could not hold an adjustment for more than a few days. It would often hurt just to turn my head. I also have lupus and was constantly battling flares with it. I really was probably at my lowest low health wise. After beginning Pilates, under the careful private instructions of Terri I found that my muscles were getting stronger, the lack of flexibility due to lupus was easing up and after each session I walked out more relaxed and stronger. I no longer find myself constantly at the chiropractor. My posture has improved. When I came under Maria’s care, I was cautious having had a terrible experience with a trainer I went to other than Terri. Maria was so well educated and trained in Pilates. I found myself in an expert’s care! She  pushes me hard to strengthen my muscles knowing so much about the muscular structures and my individual needs. She targets weak areas with an expertise that I find astonishing. I cannot imagine going back ….if I miss my twice weekly sessions for any extended length of time my back, neck and sciatica issues will begin to bother me and I find myself back at the chiropractor. My rheumatologist is so impressed with how Pilates has improved my overall muscle tone, flexibility and lessened my flares. I love what it does for the body lengthening, shaping and strengthening. I haven’t been this healthy in many years. I must add that Pilates also is a wonderful stress reliever….there isn’t a day that I don’t walk out more relaxed and with a smile on my face with having spent time with Maria pushing me on to better health!

My youngest daughter is a dancer since the age of three. Her flexibility is remarkable but with it comes areas of weakness. A ballet dancer can be very strong in certain muscles while others remain weak. At Fit to the Core, due to the training and expertise of Teri and Maria, they have been able to strengthen and stabilize her muscles by strengthening her core. Prior to her beginning Pilates we spent hours and hours at the physical therapist. Today we turn to Pilates to strengthen her and keep her injuries to a minimum by strengthening the wonderful body she has been given.

One of our daughters was in a terrible car accident having been hit from behind by a driver traveling upwards of 80 miles per hour on I-95. Her car repeatedly hit the concrete wall. It was a miracle she was alive. She ended up with a concussion, herniated discs in her back and neck and constant pain. She was also a dancer who had to hang up her dancing shoes. After months and months in physical therapy with no relief, she turned to Pilates. Once again through the experience, training and expertise found at Fit to the Core after a period of time, she found relief from the constant pain. Today she is back at the gym and is able to again dance!

We are a Pilates family through and through that has truly seen the benefits of Pilates. Terri and Maria are like family to us!! They have truly put us on the road to better health!!!

Linda K.


Terri does a fantastic job, she really gives you personal attention and a fitness plan that is customized to your skill level. This is completely different from the big studios with 15 people working on different things all in the same room.  With Terri you can concentrate and really get results.

Karen R.